Bob is a tax collector who got fired. On his last day, though, he notices his special ability. He can bend time. Working to full exhaustion, he tries to become as rich as possible, without burning out.

Use the slider in the bottom right corner to alter the flow of your personal time. Tax payments falling from the sky (Throwing money up into the sky for a tax collector to catch it is how tax is paid, isn't it?) will not be effected. Try to gather as much money as you can, before a) you reach the end of the workday(platform) or b) burnout (tired 100/100).

This game was made in 0 (that's zero) hours and is lacking a few things.
Winning or Losing does not stop the game (but you will get a message).
If you want to play again, please reload the page.
No sound.

Have fun playing more time than I spend developing (i.e. zero hours)


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Version 0.0beta

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